Government Affairs Manager

If you’d like to combine an interest in government with a desire to work in the field of business, consider a career as a government affairs manager. In this job, you will use your political science major to act as a business’s or organization’s representative. You’ll be responsible for creating documents such as newsletters, white papers, and the like to clarify how a particular piece of government policy is likely to impact the industry or company you are employed by.

This is a great job if you are a jack-of-all-trades. If you like socializing; enjoy a wide range of personality types others might consider difficult; delight in using the subtle nuances of language to make an obscure point suddenly clear; and find that statistics, charts, and graphs can go a long way toward making a message palatable, consider becoming a government affairs manager. You’ll develop strong professional relationships with a range of politically powerful individuals; when a bill they’re voting on might affect your client negatively, you can explain your position and they’ll listen. You’ll also be able to encourage their votes on legislation that will have a positive outcome for those you represent.

The best place to start looking for work of this nature is in utility companies, healthcare services, trade groups, unions, and members-only groups. With time and an excellent record of success, you may even work your way into a top executive slot, such as vice president or director of government affairs, or director of regulatory affairs.

Working as a government affairs manager can be lucrative, as well as exciting. On average, salaries fall between approximately $54,000 and $99,000 annually.

Last Updated: 05/22/2014


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